Have you already been through my two other parts, but still haven’t found the perfect movie for your movie night? Or is this just the first part you stumbled upon? No matter what, I guarantee you will find a movie you’d like in my 3rd and last part of RomCom recommendations, where I share my… Read more »

It is now the season to be jolly. And every year as yuletide arrives, so does a flood of Christmas movies. While these movies are often enjoyable if you simply want to get into the Christmas mood, most of them are mediocre at best. There are some Christmas movies that stand the test of time… Read more »

As said in the title, all these are classic teenage movies, which means that almost everyone knows these movies. If there’s some that you don’t know, I would suggest you watch them, right now! The movies are ranked from my least favorite, favorite to my number one favorite movie.   10. It’s a boy/girl thing… Read more »

Have you ever read a book you really liked, and then been dissapointed when you watched the movie? A lot of movies just don’t capture important parts of their source material. There are of course faithful adaptations out there. But there are just as many unfaithful. This doesn’t always mean that the movie is bad…. Read more »

Do you not know what to watch on Netflix? Here are some good movies on Netflix you might not have Wonder The first of the good movies on Netflix I want to recommend is Wonder. Wonder is about this kid named Auggie. Auggie has facial differences, and is starting in 5th grade. He is trying… Read more »

My Favorite Movies Everyone has their favorite movies. It is not necessarily the objectively greatest movies out there, but for some reason, each and every one of us have some specific movies we love for one reason or other. Maybe we just have pleasant memories about them. Maybe we can relate to them, in a… Read more »

MCU Movies Ranked Avengers: Endgame was just release, and I will be very honest here. I am a huge fan of the MCU. I grew up loving the Marvel Comic Books, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe I felt that they really brought the feeling of a grand connected universe of heroes that you get… Read more »

In this series of blogposts, I am going to go through the movies of the highly beloved screenwriter and director Christopher Nolan, startubg with Batman Begins. I consideres calling the series something clever and funny like “Nolan’s Land” (A play on the phrase “No man’s land”), but seeing as all names I came up with… Read more »