There are a lot of characters in the tv-show Dark. As if the many families in the story weren’t complicated enough, most Dark Characters have several versions from different points in time. And to make it even more complicated, the Dark Characters themselves travel in time, so that several versions of the same character might… Read more »

What from National Geographic can you watch on Disney+? Disney+ might seem like a service where you can only watch Disney movies or shows, but they do also have some educative stuff. So here is all the stuff you can watch from National Geographic on Disney+.   NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2000S How Dogs Got Their Shapes… Read more »

Are you looking for a list of all the Live Action Movies on Disney+? Disney has either made or bought a lot of big movies, and therefore they have a huge library of movies they can put on their Streaming Service. But what movies are actually on there? Is the movie you really want to… Read more »

Have you ever read a book you really liked, and then been dissapointed when you watched the movie? A lot of movies just don’t capture important parts of their source material. There are of course faithful adaptations out there. But there are just as many unfaithful. This doesn’t always mean that the movie is bad…. Read more »

Good shows on Netflix Due to the current world situation, people are spending a lot of time at home. This is therefore a good time to check out some of the great shows on Netflix. Here are some of my favorite shows that caan be found on the platform. You likely have already seen some… Read more »

Do you not know what to watch on Netflix? Here are some good movies on Netflix you might not have Wonder The first of the good movies on Netflix I want to recommend is Wonder. Wonder is about this kid named Auggie. Auggie has facial differences, and is starting in 5th grade. He is trying… Read more »

My Favorite Movies Everyone has their favorite movies. It is not necessarily the objectively greatest movies out there, but for some reason, each and every one of us have some specific movies we love for one reason or other. Maybe we just have pleasant memories about them. Maybe we can relate to them, in a… Read more »

The Best Marvel Movies A few months back, Fred made a list of his favorite movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I, however, have my own opion on what can be considered the best Marvel movies, and I am here today to share it with you. Rather than go through every MCU movie ever made, I… Read more »