My Favorite Movies

Everyone has their favorite movies. It is not necessarily the objectively greatest movies out there, but for some reason, each and every one of us have some specific movies we love for one reason or other. Maybe we just have pleasant memories about them. Maybe we can relate to them, in a way we can’t relate to other movies. Or maybe it just has a lot of ideas, tropes, twist, lines and likewise that fit perfectly into the kind of movies we like. No matter what, we just love them, without having to justify it. Here are the movies I have a special relationship with.



This is my favorite movie ever! It’s not because it got a perfect story or anything, but I just really like it, and it reminds me of a cozy evening with my family. 

The movie is about a girl called Vee (Emma Roberts) who’s in High School. Everybody, including her best friend, are playing this game called Nerve. Vee decides to try it and starts the movie by kissing a random boy in a diner (Dave Franco). The two of them make more dares, but at the time Vee finds out the game is bad news, she’s already in deep water. While we see Vee and the boy from the diner, who’s name is Ian, playing the game, we also see Vee’s best friend and others play. 

The movie isn’t entirely fictional. There is a real life game called Blue Whale, which is basically Nerve. The game have taken 130 lives, and it’s creator is the, at the time, 21 year old russian man named Philipp Budeikin. He pushed people, whose lives he didn’t think had value, to commit suicide. 


Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman homecoming is also one of my favorite movies. It’s about the 15 year old boy named Peter Parker. He’ve gotten these spider-powers and is now a superhero. He’ve made a deal with Tony Star/Iron Man, that if Tony needs him, he’ll be there. While Peter got these powers, he’s also trying to be a normal kid in highschool. There’s homecoming ball at his school, but he also have to fight a supervillain. Peter keeps messing up, and Stark takes his suit from him. 

It’s a really good movie, and it was the actually one of the first MCU movies I watched, and the first Spiderman movie I’ve watched.

About Time

About Time is a movie I’ve watched a lot with my family. The first time we saw it, we were just flipping through channels. None of saw the beginning of the film, but we all loved it anyway. It’s just a really cute movie about life, and time traveling.

The movie is about a man named Tim who moves away from his family. Before that though, his father told him a secret about the men in their family. If they stood in a dark room, with their fists clenched and eyes closed, they could travel to the past, and change how the moment happened. With this information, Tim moves away and begins his years in law school. Suddenly he meets this girl, but because he has to help his roommate, he ends up deleting the point in time where he met her. He then tries to meet the girl again. We follow Tim through several years, and many other things happen, but I don’t want to say anything more. 


Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok is about Thor Odinson who accidentally ends up on a strange planet, where his stepbrother Loki also is. He doesn’t get off well with the ruler of the planet, and ends up having to fight the best fighter of the planet. To Thor’s surprise it’s the Hulk, who’ve been lost for about 5 years, he’s fighting against. After the fight Thor is trying to make a plan, so he can get back to asgard where his sister Hela is about to start ragnarok. 

This is a really good and funny movie there’s based on the gods from the Norse mythology. 



Grease is a movie from 1978. It’s a musical about 10 high school kids, where Sandy (Olivia Newton John) and Danny (John Travolta) are the main characters. Sandy just moved to USA from Australia, and in the summer break she went out with Danny. Sandy was supposed to go back to Australia, so when she shows up at the school Danny acts out and he’s being weird and acting like he doesn’t know her. They try make it work, but Sandy is also trying to be friends with the Pink Ladies.

The first time I watched this was when I was 8 and in Spain for the first time. I’ve watched the movie at least 15 times since, and it keeps on being good. 


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