Have you ever read a book you really liked, and then been dissapointed when you watched the movie? A lot of movies just don’t capture important parts of their source material. There are of course faithful adaptations out there. But there are just as many unfaithful. This doesn’t always mean that the movie is bad. It just means that a fan of the book, might not get what the hoped for. Here are 5 examples of movies that don’t match the book.

  1. Maze Runner

I just finished reading all the Maze Runner books. Before I started reading them I said that as soon I had read them all I would watch the movies. My mother has read the first book and seen the first movie, and she told me that the books were way better. I already knew that no movie is better than the book, so I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad. Now a week after I have finished all the books I still haven’t watched the first movie. It’s not because I don’t have the time given that I don’t have school right now. I’m just really disappointed in the movies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to watch the movies, but I’m not going to think about it as a Maze Runner movie. The reason for that is that I have seen some memes and edits, and they just doesn’t fit the books at all.


  1. IT (2017 + 2019)

Even though these movies (especially the first one) are really good, they don’t really match the book. There is some good scenes that they capture in the movies. There is, however, a lot of really important details that they just don’t include. That is really sad, because it ruins the experience a bit. I also think that in the second movie, they try to have the kid versions of the characters a lot more in the movie than makes sense. There is scenes from the past where we see that the kids have encountered Pennywise more times than we knew, which doesn’t really makes sense. I would recommend watching the movies first and read the book after.


  1. Divergent

I have read all 3 Divergent books and seen the first movie. I saw the movie while I was reading the first book. At that point I was only about halfway through the book, and I could already see 10 mistakes in the movie. All the scenes were shifted around and it just didn’t feel like they had actually read the book. It felt like they had had their friend, who had read it 5 years before, explain what happened in the book. Even the ending was totally wrong, and the ending wasn’t even that complex. It is not because the acting is bad, because it is actually really good. The whole movie is just a complete mess. If you have read the books, I recommend not watching the movies.


  1. Harry Potter 5

It’s not because this movie is bad. It is just that the book is just so long that the movie can’t include all the details. It also feels like the movies storyline is rushed. To make the movie perfect, it would have needed an hour more, but that would also just make the movie way to long. But except from that this movie is as good as all the other movies. 


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