It is now the season to be jolly. And every year as yuletide arrives, so does a flood of Christmas movies. While these movies are often enjoyable if you simply want to get into the Christmas mood, most of them are mediocre at best. There are some Christmas movies that stand the test of time however, and to many are classics that they rewatch every year. While we all certainly have our favorites, here are five of mine. If you haven’t watched them yet, I can only recommend that you do so. And if your favorite Christmas movie is not on this list, I am certain that it is still amazing, and I am glad that you love it. Let us get into it:


Love Actually

Love Actually is the ultimate Christmas rom-com. While the Hallmark movie trend has certainly tried to reach christmas romance levels such as these, nothing can ever beat this classic. Love Actually is about several different people living in England, trying to navigate the complicated world of love. All the stories end up somewhat connecting to each other, but the main thing tying them together are the themes. It is a great feel good movie, with an all-star cast including Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kiera Knightly, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman and many others.


Home Alone

Home Alone is a movie that everyone knows. It is the story of Kevin McCallister, a young boy who is accidentally left alone in his home by his family, while they travel to the other end of the country. He is then left to find for himself in the days before Christmas, while his mother frantically tries to make it home to him before Christmas. To make matters worse, to burglars have got their eyes on the McCallister home, and with Kevin the only one in their way, they plan to rob it of all it has got.
The movie is very iconic, and even if you haven’t watched it yet, you surely still know some of the iconic scenes it features. The traps Kevin makes are iconic and beloved. And his screaming face on the poster has been mimicked many at time. A Christmas classic for all ages.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some will argue that this is a Halloween rather than a Christmas movie, but the main part of the movie takes place during Christmas. And not matter what, this heartwarming classic is something that you should cheat your self out of, no matter what time of year you would prefer to watch it in. Based on a poem by Tim Burton, this stop-motion film tells the story of Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween town. Jack becomes unhappy with his role in the world, scaring people. Just then he finds a portal to the Christmas world, where he sees how Santa Claus brings joy to everyone. Jack decides that he wants to do that too, but that unfortunately brings some problems with it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas started the genre of dark yet family-friendly stop-motion films. Movies such as Coraline and Corpse Bride were inspired by this classic. At the same time it is a wholesome movie. Many will be able to relate to Jack, and his unhappiness with his job. Watching him come to terms with his place in the world, along with the Christmas themes, is a lovely experience.


Die Hard

It was long debated whether or not this was a Christmas movie. The movie takes place during Christmas however, and based on that I deem it a Christmas movie. Not many Christmas movies appeal to action movie fans. This is the one exception however. Not only is this movie one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time – it is also one of the greatest action movies of all time. Bruce Willis stars as rogue cop John McClain who takes on German master criminal Hans Gruber who has taken an entire office building, including McClains’ ex-wife’s, hostage during a Christmas party. Gruber is phenomenally played by Alan Rickman in his career defining role.

Even if you are not a big fan of action in you holiday flicks, you should check out this masterpiece.


It’s A Wonderful Life

This one is truly a classic. Along with stories such as A Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life has truly defined the Christmas film genre. It has been spoofed many a time. Several tv shows, such a How I Met Your Mother, have gone through retellings of the classic story. The Muppets even made a version.
If you are, however, unsure about what this movie is about, the plot is the following:
George Bailey is a good man, who has met many an obstacle in his life. In the last few days however, the whole world seemed to conspire against him, and he has gotten to the point where he is considering ending his own life. Before he is able to, however, an angel named Clarence intervenes, and tries to convince George that it is worth going on. When George is not convinced that his life matters, Clarence decides to prove him wrong by showing him what the world would like if George hadn’t been born.

It’s a Wonderful Life is a heartwarming Christmas classic. Despite being quite a few decades old at this point, it still holds up as one of the best. Get your whole family together, and watch this classic flick together. I might just improve your opinion of the world.


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