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Avengers: Endgame was just release, and I will be very honest here. I am a huge fan of the MCU. I grew up loving the Marvel Comic Books, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe I felt that they really brought the feeling of a grand connected universe of heroes that you get in comics properly into the movies. 

In honor of Endgame’s release, I will therefore do something that many others have done before. I will rank every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in the order I find they deserve to be. Many might not agree with my ordering, but that is fine by me. Just write in the comments below, what you think I am wrong about. Here are the MCU Movies Ranked

22. Incredible Hulk

The most incredible thing about The Incredible Hulk is just how forgettable it is. Even Marvel appears to have forgotten all about it, never paying off any of the set ups the movies introduced. The only thing ever brought back from this movie was Thunderbolt Ross, who certainly gets more interesting in later movies. 
Also, the fact that Edward Norton plays Banner in this movie, but is replaced by Ruffalo going forward often makes me forget that this movie is even part of the universe.

21. Thor: The Dark World

Speaking of forgettable, I have more or less no idea what happens in this entire movie. Thor was always known for having the worst movies (until Ragnarok), but while I feel that Thor is somewhat underrated, Dark World is certainly not. The best part of the movie was undoubtedly Loki, who gets amazing character development, especially compared to his brother, the lead, who barely gets any. The fake-out in the end kinda takes the weight away from it somewhat however.

20. Iron Man 2

The villain in this movie is certainly crazy. It is totally insane and entertaining to watch Mickey Rourke with his awful russian accent, and crazy supervillainy in this movie. He is still not interesting, however, which was a common problem in the early MCU. On the other hand, the minor villain Justin Hammer is undeniably interesting. If only more focus had been on him, this movie might have been better. In the end, the main thing this movie does is introduce Black Widow and explain SHIELD further.

19. Avengers: Age of Ultron

I actually really like big parts of this movie. The afterparty scene early in the movie is great, and perfectly set up the great character arcs the heroes go through both in this movie, and in the entire series. What this movie does best, is what the entire universe also does best, namely making great scenes with their heroes talking to each other. In the end the MCU is not so much a series about action, as it is about the characters, and this movie does a great job on the characters. Unfortunately, the action part of it is really lacking. Ultron is not nearly as scary and deep as he could be, and the battles are frankly boring. Also, Thor doesn’t get to have any of that character development the others get, which is simply unfair. Overall, the least satisfying Avengers movie.

18. Thor

Just like the its sequel, all the best parts of this movie is Loki. In a time where the weakest things in any MCU movie was the villain, Loki was truly terrific. You felt bad for him, and were entertained by him, while you understood why he had to be stopped. Unfortunately the rest of the movie wasn’t nearly as great as Loki was. I personally really enjoy the overall Shakesperian feel the movie has, but the whole love story between Thor and Jane was incredibly boring, and you never really cared about any of the humans. Luckily Loki got a better movie to shine in later, and Thor went on to be one of the franchises greatest heroes after his third movie. Overall, the things this movie set up were way better than the movie itself.

17. Ant-Man and the Wasp

This is without a doubt one of the funniest movies in the franchise. It reminded me that Ant-Man was actually a character I cared about, which was something I had forgotten in the long time since Civil War, where he had just been gone. It is nice to see Evangeline finally jump into action as Wasp as well. Also, the relationship between Scott and his daughter Cassie is brilliant and well acted. However, after all those nice words, I must say that I didn’t care too much for the movie’s plot. It was cool with a pair of villain’s who weren’t actually evil, but their plan was honestly weird. If they had simply asked for help they would have gotten it, and yeah they didn’t initially realize that, but it should become pretty clear to them during the movie. Also, what they were really fighting about was getting to use the machine first, which barely seemed to matter, as Ghost still had days left to live after they would have saved Janet. Basically they were simply fighting over being first in line. And then, Janet simply solves the problem with her new magic, which was pretty cheap. So overall great acting and humor, but the plot could be better.

16. Captain America: The First Avenger

Another movie suffering under the boring villain problem. This time the villain is simply a nazi who is evil because nazis are evil. Red Skull certainly had potential to be more than he was, seeing as he is one of biggest villains in the comics. 
First Avenger has some amazing scenes though, such as how Cap is simply used as propaganda at first, and the overall war feeling is great. Captain America as a character doesn’t get truly interesting until he is placed in the modern world though, simply making him a typica action hero in this movie.

15. Iron Man 3

I really like Shane Black, who co-wrote and directed this movie, and therefore also find a lot of great things in the movie. The plot twist both delights me and annoys me however. Because it is certainly brilliant. Yet, it also robs us of one of the greatest villains in the Iron Man lore, and instead gives us another typical evil white guy who wants to kill everyone. Tony’s arc in this movie is quite enjoyable and emotionel though, and the climax is great.

14. Ant-Man

Like its sequel, the first Ant-Man movie is undeniably funny. Paul Rudd is great in the role as Scott Lang, and the science almost makes sense, except when it doesn’t. The great relationships between Scott and Cassie, and Scott and Hope are set up here, to great effect. The villain is once again somewhat bland though, and the movie never manages to make me care quite as much about Scott Lang, as I care about many other MCU heroes.

13. Captain Marvel

It took way too long for the MCU to get a female lead superhero flick, and when it did it was, well, pretty good. Not quite the height of many other MCU movies though, and while I appreciate the unexpected direction the movie took with the Skrulls, I fear what opportunities we might have missed with them for the future. We’ll just have to wait and see. Also the parts of the movie that ran like an ad for the air force was not quite to my taste. Brie Larson is a brilliant actress though, in both this and everything else. Also, I love Goose the “cat”

12. Doctor Strange

Doctor Stranger is probably the visually best movie in the entire MCU. Benedict Cumberbatch also perfectly plays the wise but arrogant master of mystics. And the uncoventional way of defeating the villains in the movie’s climax is just awesome. However, every character who isn’t Strange or Mordo in this movie is barely a character. Wong only really gets to shine in the end and Infinity War, while Rachel McAdams’ character doesn’t ever really do anything as far as I recall. Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One is really great however. The biggest waste is that the movie cast Mads Mikkelsen as another bland evil MCU villain.

11. Black Panther

Black Panther

This is certainly gonna be my most controversial placement. It is not as if I dislike the movie however. I have really like the last many movies on this list. However, I do not love Black Panther to the same degree as many others do.

The movie simply waste too many opportunities. The emotional arc of all these characters only starts when Killmonger comes to Wakanda, which doesn’t happen until halfway through. That means that in the first half of the movie, it is hard to really care if our heroes catch the criminal. The relationship between T’Challa and Nakia never really gets interesting. Also the whole plot about lovers W’Kabi and Okoye picking different sides in a war could have been really cool, but no emotion is ever really put into it.

The main strength of this movie is its actors. Michael B. Jorda is incredible, and his character is a villain with far more depth than most others in the MCU. I would have loved to have seen him some more in the movie though. It kind of felt like the conflict with him as the king was over too quickly.

I truly love Shuri however, and Chadwick Bosement alway plays T’Challa perfectly. I just donøt feel like the movie is as much as it could be.

10. Captain America: Winter Soldier

Once this movie was better than almost every previous movie, and would therefore be at the top of any list. A lot of great Marvel movies were released afterwards though, moving it further down. The climax is not as smart as the rest of the movie, and the fake death of Fury seems cheap. This movie is still, however, a great action thriller, that is quite different from it predecessors. It is also the closest thing we have had to a Black Widow movie, until the one that is currently in the works. And that elevator scene will forever be one of the most iconic fights in the MCU.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was often called out for never killing anyone for good. This movie changed that with the first big death in the MCU (sorry Quicksilver). And it was really, really sad. Also, the soundtrack was once again amazing, the characters were amazing, the jokes were funny. Almost all members of the Guardians got to go through some kind of development. And the villain was far more interesting than you would expect from someone, who just wants to destroy the universe, and make it in his own picture. Also, he was very well acted. Great job Kurt Russel

8. Captain America: Civil War

This movie was more Captain America than it was civil war, but that was honestly alright. The one scene the heroes got fighting each other was incredible. The truly heartbreaking and great fight, however, was the one between Captain America and Tony Stark, which was an amazing development in the characters’ relationship. All the things they hard gone through in their previous movies had led them there, both physically and emotionally, and the pay-off was great. Also the movie added another 3-dimensional villain, which was great. Plus it introduced both Spider-Man and Black Panther in very fitting ways.

7. Spider-Man Homecoming

When Homecoming came out, the people at Marvel had realized that they had to mix up the formular a bit in the different movies. As such, Spider-Man Homecoming was, besides being a superhero movie, also a teen flick. And that worked incredibly well. Watching Peter navigate both high-school and the superhero life was great. The Vulture was a menacing villain, with a great twist to him. And the brilliant relationship between Tony and Peter really elavted the movie further, and set up some amazing moments in the next two Avengers movies. 

6. The Avengers

The first big crossover movie in the MCU did what noone at the time thought was possible. It took all of the heroes, who had exclusively served as the main character in their own movies, threw them together in one big film, and actually got a brilliant movie out of it. The chemistry between the actors are great, and they all inhabit their characters to the fullest. Joss Whedon is a master at writing movies about interesting characters having to come together and become a team, and he really excels here. Also, the MCU’s most popular villain, Loki, really gets to chine. Overall an amazing movie , that really made the franchise what it is today.

5. Avengers: Endgame

Endgame ranks 5 on MCU Movies Ranked

The conclusion to the original saga packs an emotional punch. Despite being an action movie, the movie is really about its characters, just like most of the other movies in the franchise. With this being what all the movies have build up to, the emotional stakes and character development is even greater than ever before. The unexpected directions the movie takes are amazing. The characters who leaves get perfect, but heartbreaking, endings, and the ones who stay get great setups to future adventures. If not for some breaking of their own logic in the end of the film, this would be a perfect movie.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

This movie turned Thor completely around. To many people he went from being their least favorite Avewngerr, to their most favorite. Long Thor had been stuck with the boring movies. Luckily, Taika Wititi realized what great comedy potential there was in Chris Hemsworth, and made the funniest of all the movies in the MCU. Thsi movie is generally more Guardians of the Galaxy than Thor, which really did the character a favor. With Loki also back as his glorious self, Mark Ruffalo and Tessa Thompson in great supporting roles, and Cate Blanchett as the menacing villain Hela, this movie had it all. Also, it’s ending lead straight up to the amazing start of Avengers Infinity War. 

3. Iron Man

Iron Man was the movie that started it all, and as such it holds a speciel place in the heart of every MCU fan. With perfect comedic tiing, a reat story, and Robert Downey Junior as the perfect Tony Stark, this movie was the perfect beginning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not much needs to be said about this movie, because you all know it and, hopefully, loves it.

2. Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War was the biggest moment ever in the MCU. Finally would Thanos, the powerful overlord who had been teased since Avengers, come into play, and gather all the infinity stones, that had been thrown around through the years. Only the entire force of our heroes could stop him. And, as the studios’s name suggests, it was Marvelous. Heroes were paired up with other heroes in new interesting ways, and all had their time to shine. Still, the real lead of the movie was Thanos, and that truly gave the movie a suspenseful feel. When the ending came around, it shocked everyone. The movie is also so full of iconic scenes and quotes, that even people who haven’t seen it, knows about these iconic scenes. Together with Endgame, it is the perfect conclusion to the original saga.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is without a doubt the greatest of the solo movies in the MCU. Guardian enter the universe with such a bang, that noone cares that it took them 4 years to cross over with the rest of the universe. 
Everyone is perfectly cast. The story is spotless. The humor and wit is better than ever, and every joke is timed perfectly. It is clear that James Gunn and his writing team hve a great love for the source material. They truly love these characters, and they know how to make the viewer love them too. The iconic soundtrack is perfect for the movie, and will get stuck in your head. And even the villian is not as bland as he initially appears. All the characters get really deep when you analyze them, and there are always more things to notice when rewatching the movie. Guardian of the Galaxy is, in my opinion, the best MCU movie made.

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