Which Marvel movies can you watch on Disney+? There is a ton Marvel movies, but if you want to know if your favorite is on Disney+, then take a look at my list. These are all the marvel movies you can watch on Disney+.   Marvel 1970-1980’s Spider-Woman (1979) Spider-Man – Series (1981) Spider-Man and… Read more »

Disney+ is a new streaming service that Disney have made. The streaming service has original content from Disney, such Frozen, but they also have content from companies they have bought such as Fox Television. I’m going to name some of the stuff there’s on Disney+. So here is all the television shows.   DISNEY TELEVISION… Read more »

Which shows are the best Disney Channel shows of all time? The answer to that undoubtedly depends on who you ask. People like different things. And it also very much depends on, which shows you grew up with, so your age also plays a part. I have my personal favorites however, and these are what… Read more »

As said in the title, all these are classic teenage movies, which means that almost everyone knows these movies. If there’s some that you don’t know, I would suggest you watch them, right now! The movies are ranked from my least favorite, favorite to my number one favorite movie.   10. It’s a boy/girl thing… Read more »

Place and Time: The German Comic Con 2018, was from the 1. – 2. December. The convention took place in Dortmund, Germany. It opened at 9 am for the early birds (People who gave extra money so that they could be there earlier than others), but opened for everyone at 10 am. It closed again… Read more »