I am currently watching the Supernatural series. Therefore Dortmund comic-con 2021 was a total blast. Both Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, and DJ Qualls, who plays Garth were at the convention, and they answered a ton of questions. 


Misha Collins Panel

A lot of teens watch Supernatural. Because of this, Misha’s panel was filled with a bunch of teenagers. I know, from experience, that teen fans can be a bit obsessive, and this panel did not prove me wrong. Given the teen-fans slight obsessiveness, we discovered quite a few things about Misha Collins. For instance, we learned that, when he was young, Misha was in a McDonald’s commercial in 1998. Besides that, Collins also revealed that he was in a tax-preparation video, in which he wears his fathers suit (the video is called “No Brainers on Taxes”, if you would like to watch it). 

Even though they are funny, these small videos are not the reason we know who Misha is today. Therefore the many fans had to bring up our beloved Castiel, which results in Collins revealing his thoughts about Cass, and what kind of character he is. For instance, Misha got asked about his thoughts on Cass and proposals. The question sounded: “if Cass was with someone, do you think he would propose, or would he need someone to propose to him?”, to which he answered, that he thinks it could go either way. He said that he thinks Cass would be flattered, if someone proposed to him. However he also thinks that Cass has already demonstrated that he can take the lead in a relationship, if needed. 


If we move from the kind of calm Misha, to the other side of the convention, we find the energetic DJ Qualls. 


DJ Qualls Panel

DJ clearly loves being at conventions. He stole everybody’s attention stepping onto the stage, while telling a story. He had everybody hooked within the first 2 minutes. After his short story, he dared people to come up with the weirdest questions possible. 

Qualls told about the time starting out on the show. To many is seemed as if was supposed to be “the new Bobby” and neither he, nor the fans wanted that. He explained how, after the season trailer was out, he would get hate comments from the fans, saying he couldn’t be “the new Bobby” and trashing him because his character was supposed to replace Bobby. He explained that told Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) about this. As a result Jared had shown all the hate comments he had gotten throughout the years. Clearly there are therefore at lot of problematic fans of the show, along with the many great ones.

Besides that, DJ told us a bunch of weird stories, from different conventions. He also explained how he met all of his best friends at Comic-cons around the world.


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