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Due to the current world situation, people are spending a lot of time at home. This is therefore a good time to check out some of the great shows on Netflix. Here are some of my favorite shows that caan be found on the platform. You likely have already seen some of them, and others might not be available in your area. But if there are some of these you have the opportunity to watch and haven’t yet, I can only reccomend doing it.


How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is about guy named Ted and all his friends. Ted is telling these stories about him and his friends to his kids. This show is a sitcom with 9 seasons. I personally think it’s a really good show. 


Stranger Things

If you haven’t already, you should watch Stranger Things. Stranger Things is about these 4 boys who loves dungeons and dragons. Suddenly one day, one of the boys disappear. The day after the boy disappears a weird girl shows up. After that a lot of weird things happens in the town. Stranger Things has 3 season, and the 4th one is starting to be filmed. Each season has 8 or 9 episodes.


13 Reasons Why

This show is a bit violent, so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, you shouldn’t watch the show. This show is about a girl named Hannah who’ve committed suicide. Before she commits suicide, she leaves a box with tapes. In the show we follow a guy named Clay. We see his reaction and what he goes through after Hannah’s passing. The show has 3 seasons, but I’ve only watched two of them. I especially like the first season.


The End of the F***ing World

The End of th F***ing world is a british comedy show. It’s about a guy named James and a girl named Alyssa. James is thinking there’s something completely wrong with him and Alyssa hates her family. They go to the same school, and someday Alyssa find James very interesting. They decide to run away and from there the story starts. The show has 2 seasons and the episodes are about 20 min. long.



Dark is a German Netflix show. It currently has 2 seasons. It’s about a boy named Jonas and what happens in his town. People start disappearing, and no one knows why or how. One day Jonas’ friends little brother also disappears. And from there on things get quite confusing. You’re able to get the sound in English, but I would recommend watching it in German. If you’re a slow reader, you should probably watch the show in english, because the show can be hard to follow if you miss details.


Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn nine-nine is a sitcom with (right now) 6 seasons. It’s about a police officer called Jake Peralta. Jake is really childish, but a good cop. One day the precinct gets a new captain, and everything changes. Jake has to man up and do as the captain says. The rest of the show is about missions and things happening in the precinct.

This show is one of my favorite shows, ever. I’ve watched it a lot of times, and never really gets tired of it. 



Friends is a sitcom about 6 friends, in New York, who hang out all the time. We see them fight and love, and it’s just a really catchy show you can watch over and over again. The show is going from 1994-2004 and got 10 seasons.


I Am Not Okay With This

IANOWT is a show about the teenager Sydney who feels like a boing 16 year old girl from a boring town, but she finds out that she is the exactly opposite. Through the first (and for now only) season she make a new friend, gets into a lot of arguments, gets detention and a lot more. She has to handle being a teenager while discovering the truth about herself. It’s a really good show, and there is only 8 episodes in the first season.


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