There are a lot of characters in the tv-show Dark. As if the many families in the story weren’t complicated enough, most Dark Characters have several versions from different points in time. And to make it even more complicated, the Dark Characters themselves travel in time, so that several versions of the same character might appear at the same time. For that reason I have made this list of Dark Characters, so that you might have an easier time telling them apart.


*Only read this if you have watched both seasons of Dark. Otherwise you will get spoilers.*


Jonas Kahnwald:

He is Michael and Hannah’s only child. His best friends are Bartosz and Martha. Jonas is in love with Martha who is also his aunt. 

He meets a stranger who is his older self, and he is telling Jonas to stop Adam, who he finds out is also himself. Jonas uses most of season 1 and all of season 2 traveling in time. In the last episode of season 2, Jonas travels in time with “other dimension” Martha.



Hannah Kahnwald:

She is Jonas mother and used to be married to Michael. Hannah is the daughter of Sebastian Krüger. Her best friends used to be Ulrich and Katharina. Hannah has always been in love with Ulrich, but Ulrich has always been with Katharina. Katharina and Ulrich’s marriage didn’t stop Ulrich and Hannah from having an affair. 



Ines Kahnwald:

She is a retired nurse, and as a kid she was best friends with Jana. When she was younger she adopted Mikkel/Michael. She is Jonas’ grandmother. Her father is Daniel Kahnwald.



Martha Nielsen:

She is the only daughter of Ulrich and Katharina, and the sister to Magnus and Mikkel. Her best friend is Jonas. Martha is dating Bartosz, but is in love with Jonas, even though she finds out he is her nephew.  



Mikkel Nielsen:

Mikkel is the youngest child of Ulrich and Katharina. When he accidentally travels to the past and can’t come back, he gets adopted by Ines Kahnwald and changes his name to Michael. He meets Hannah and together they get Jonas, but when he in the future meets himself, he can’t handle it and commits suicide. 



Magnus Nielsen:

He is Ulrich and Katharina’s oldest child. Franziska and him started dating in the end of season 1. He is friends with Bartosz, Jonas and Franziska, and they spend a lot of time together. In the last episode of season 2, him, Franziska, Bartosz and future Jonas travels in time to get out of the apocalypse.



Ulrich Nielsen:

He is the father of Magnus, Martha and Mikkel, and the husband of Katharina. He is Tronte and Jana’s oldest kid. His younger brother Mads disappeared in 1986. He is the police officer of Winden police. Trying to find his youngest son Mikkel, he travels back to 1953 where he tries to kill young Helge Doppler, because he thinks that everything is Helges older selves fault.   



Katharina Nielsen:

She is the mother of Magnus, Martha and Mikkel, and the wife of Ulrich. Katharina is the school principal of Winden School. When she was a teenager, Ulrich and her made a prank on Regina Tiedemann where they tied her to a tree. Regina didn’t forget it and as an adult she attacks Katharina. When she found out Ulrich and Hannah had an affair, Katharina went to confront Hannah, who gave her a lie about Ulrich wanting to leave Katharina.



Tronte Nielsen:

He is the father of Ulrich and Mads, and married to Jana. When his mother, Agnes, and him moved to the city they lived at Claudia Tiedemanns house, with whom Tronte became friends. When he was married to Jana, he and Claudia had an affair. 



Agnes Nielsen:

She moved to Winden with her son Tronte, and they rented a room at the Tiedemann house. Her moving to Winden probably had something to do with her living there as a kid, and her working for Adam. Agnes is probably involved with Sic Mundus because she is Noah’s younger sister. 

When she moved into the Tiedemann’s house she and Doris had an affair.


Doris Tiedemann:

She is Claudia’s mother, she is married to Egon, and is Regina’s grandmother. Doris and Agnes had an affair. After that Doris and Egon probably split up, which we can see by Egon being alone in the 80’s. 


Egon Tiedemann:

He is Claudia’s father and married to Doris. Egon is a police officer in Winden, and he arrested Ulrich for rape in the 1980’s. When Ulrich traveled to the ‘50’s it was Egon who arrested him for murder. He died in 1987 after having an argument with Claudia, where he fell and hit his head on the kitchen counter.



Claudia Tiedemann:

She is the daughter of the police officer Egon Tiedemann and his wife Doris. As a kid she tutored Helge Doppler in math, but otherwise spent most of her time with Tronte Nielsen. As an adult she doesn’t give her daughter Regina much attention, and criticises her often. 

As an elder, Claudia tries to change the past by convincing Jonas into talking to his father before, so he wouldn’t commit suicide. She travels back to 1954 where Noah shoots her.



Regina Tiedemann:

She is Claudia’s only child. She is married to Aleksander Tiedemann and together they have their son Bartosz. After Regina’s mother Claudia left her, Aleksander became the director of the Power Plant. Regina is the owner of Waldhotel Winden, which doesn’t give a lot of money. Together with all of that Regina is in a feud with Katharina and Ulrich, who tied her to a tree when they were teenagers. She also finds out that she is suffering from cancer.



Aleksander Tiedemann:

He is married to Regina and he is the father of Bartosz. He came to the city in 1986 where he saved Regina from getting beaten up by Ulrich and Katherina. We then see him put the gun, he used to threaten them with, in a bag. In the bag he also puts a passport with a photo of him and the name Boris Niewald, and then takes out another passport with the name Aleksander Köhler.

In 2020, a police officer from a task force, comes to investigate Winden. His name is Clausen, and he asks Aleksander a lot of questions about him and his name. Aleksander’s masseuse, Hannah Kahnwald, saw in 1986 Aleksander hide the passport and gun, and after he left she dug it out. A day after her appointment with Aleksander, Hannah showed him the bag and used it to blackmail him into ruining Ulrichs life.



Bartosz Tiedemann:

He is the son of Aleksander and Regina, and Jonas’ best friend. Even though he knew that Jonas liked Martha, he still started dating her. He is also friends with Magnus and Franziska. When Bartosz started working for Noah, he became more distant with the others. 

In 2019 his grandmother Claudia comes and visits him and gives him a picture of her and Regina in the ‘80’s. He travels in time with Magnus, Franziska and future Jonas, in the last episode of season 2.



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