Place and Time:

The German Comic Con 2018, was from the 1. – 2. December.

The convention took place in Dortmund, Germany. It opened at 9 am for the early birds (People who gave extra money so that they could be there earlier than others), but opened for everyone at 10 am. It closed again at 5 pm.

Who could you meet?:

Usual in a comic con, you can meet some actors/actresses. A lot of people are at the comic con, so that hey can meet one of their favorite actors/actresses.

From Game of Thrones, was Julian Glover, Daniel Portman, Lena Headey, Jack Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Ron Donachie, Jessica Henwick and also Natalia Tena, who is also in Harry Potter, so that’s like two in one.

From the Netflix series Stranger Things came one of the main characters from season 2 – Noah Schnapp.

Known for shows and movies like Walker Texas Ranger and Missing in Action was Chuck Norris.

Another Walker Texas Ranger star was Nia Peeples who is also in Pretty little liars.

From Sharknado came Tara Reid and La Toya Jackson.

Known for Under Siege and Deadly Revenge, was Steven Seagal.

Known for Merlin and little Britain was Anthony Head.

From Baywatch was Erika Eleniak.

Known from movies like T2: Terminator was Robert Patrick.

Known from Pirates of Caribbean was Martin Klebba.

Another guest was Maude Hirst from Vikings and The Tudors.

Known from movies such as Django and  Die Hard was Franco Nero.

Known for Casino Royale and The 100 was Ivana Milicevic.

And a lot more.

What could you do at German Comic Con?:

The convention took place in a huge building, which was divided into 3 halls. Each hall had a different theme. One had TV-series, as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones etc.

The other one had comic-series. The last hall, which was the main hall that kind of connected the two others, had a photoshoot “room” and the main stage, plus places where you could buy food  – the other halls had that too. When you got there, you could get a program, so that you could see when and where things happened.

Sometimes some of the actors where on the stage. There they answered fan questions and told stories. Sometimes they were a lot from the same series (e.g some from the Game of Thrones cast) and they would tell stories about each other. Other times there would only be one. It could be because they were from more than one series or movie (e.g Jessica Henwick from GOT, Iron fist etc.) or because they were the only one from the cast (such as Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things).

You could also go into the different halls. My family and I did this thing were we was in one hall for the most of the first day, and then the next day we went into the other one. When you walked around you would see all kinds of people dressed as different characters. But you can read a bit more about that further down on the blog.

There would also be places where the actors would stand and you could pay for either a picture or a autograph – or both. It was just a bit expensive. In the halls, you could also buy merch, drawings, movies, toys and a lot more.

 How does it work when you take a picture with an actor/actress?:

To ensure that you can get a picture with you favorite actor/actress, you should buy the tickets from home. If you are lucky you can buy them when you get there, but sometimes they are sold out. From home i bought a ticket so that I could take a picture with Noah Schnapp from the series Stranger Things on Netflix. Sometimes the actor/actress would be there both days, so that you could choose which day you would want to take the picture, but other times they were there only one day.

I chose Saturday.

The way it works is, that in the middle of the hall, they have set up this kind of “room”, and made a line that went into it. Then when it’s time to go into the line, you show your ticket to a person that works there, and they let you into the line. When you get into the “room” you show your ticket again, and then you can get your picture. After the picture is taken, you get over to this place where your picture gets printed out, and then some of the workers hands it to you. It all moves really fast, and usually you only stand in line for about half an hour.

My story with taking a picture that way:

My brother had just taken a picture with the actor Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon from Game Of Thrones), and after that it was time for me and my sister to get the picture with Noah. But he got really sick, and had to go a lot, so it took a really long time in the line. I was scared that we wouldn’t get the picture with him, but if he didn’t feel good, he shouldn’t be in there all day. He is not someone who lets his fans down though, and came back and took all the pictures. My sister and I got ours too after some hours. So it took a really long time, but it was worth it.

Another way you can get a picture is to go over to this place where some actors/actresses stand, if you wanna pay to get a picture or an autograph. There I saw the actress Natalia Tena, who I at the time only knew as Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter, but later got to know as Osha from Game Of Thrones. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and had to get a picture with her. It was really easy to do. You just got in the line, and waited until it was your time, and then you pay when you are there, and you get the picture. Natalia Tena was such a nice person, and shook not only me, but also my brother and father’s hand. Then we took the picture, and thanked me, and then got over to the next people. It was such a great experience.


At comic con, a lot of people dress up as their favorite character. Dortmund was no exception. I saw, Ghostbusters, many Harley Quinns, Jigsaw, Beverly Marsh, a lot from Game Of Thrones, Eleven, Deadpool etc.

Personally, I think that when people dress up like their favorite characters and acts like them, it creates a great atmosphere. I really loved it, and I even took some pictures with some of them

A Jigsaw Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con
Ghostbusters Cosplay at German Comic Con

My opinion on the experience:

I personally think that it was such a good experience. All people who where there were huge nerds like myself, and it was great to be a place where people like movies and series just as much as my family and I. Also to meet two of my favorite actors was such a huge and good experience. Now I wanna go to the San Diego Comic Con, and i’m sure I will one day.

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